Stimulating the throat chakra with asana

The fifth chakra is the Vishuddha chakra or throat chakra. This area is said to be connected to your voice and communication. Stimulating this chakra is great to encourage harmony and balance within these energies. If you find you are having trouble finding your voice or speaking your truth, you could have an underactive Vishudda chakra. If you find you are talking way too much or expressing yourself unnecessarily, you could be experiencing an overactive Vishudda chakra. A great way to bring balance is through asana that targets the throat chakra explicitly. In this asana, you are typically also stimulating the endocrine glands and thyroid. It helps to balance your metabolism. 

  • Sarvangasana or shoulder stand is the second posture in the Sivananda yoga classes that I teach. It is performed by first locking the throat and bringing the chin towards the chest. The neck behind your throat becomes long and connects with the mat as much as possible. You will feel a slight choke in the throat, engaging the Jalandhara bandha. In Sanskrit, “jal” means throat, “jalan” means net, and “dhara” means flow. It is a throat lock that blocks or permits the flow of energy in the neck. Once you have engaged this lock, do not move your neck. It is crucial as you could hurt your neck if you do so. This pose is often best performed in fitting yoga leggings and yoga shirts as you will need to be able to use your hands to prop up your body. You raise your feet and hips and begin to walk your hands down your back towards your shoulders. Making adjustments is often easier when you bend your knees. After you’ve bent your knees and brought your hands as far down your back towards your shoulders as you can, straighten your legs. Focus all your breath into your throat and imagine this asana stimulating your throat chakra. Maintain the throat lock and do not move your neck! 


  • In my Sivananda classes, we move right into Halasana or plow. It is done by first lowering one leg at a time and then slowly with control lowering both legs towards the floor behind you. Make sure you are supporting your back and maintaining the throat lock. Focus your awareness into your throat. If your legs can come straight onto the floor and your back is not rounding, then it is okay to take your hands away from supporting your back and bring them to the floor. Make sure to re-support your back before coming straight up into your shoulder stand again.
  • In my Sivananda classes, I teach advanced students to come out of shoulder stand by wheeling one leg at a time down and into half-bridge. In this pose, you are maintaining the throat lock. If you are not advanced, you can slowly roll out of shoulder stand and come up into half-bridge. Your throat lock is still engaged, and you are focusing your breath and energy into the throat. 

This three asana series is a great tool for stimulating the throat chakra. Open your throat chakra to unlock your spiritual power and truth!

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