Signs That You Need to Do Some Yoga

Whether you practice yoga daily or few times a week, there are times when it is the most essential part of your day, while at other times it doesn’t seem a priority in your otherwise busy schedule. When the latter happens, it becomes all too easy to let yoga drop off of your daily to-do list altogether. 

Sometimes this happens when we find ourselves feeling stressed, tired, anxious, sad, unbalanced, or weak; we forget how simple a fix of yoga can be to relieve so many troubling symptoms. 

Here are some vital signs that are you need some yoga

  • You Have Trouble Sleeping

You are lying in bed but can’t seem to get comfortable. Or your mind just doesn’t want to shut off. The practice of yoga helps ease your mind and your restless body. Sometimes a simple breathing technique while lying in bed can benefit immensely by refocusing your brain on something else. Elongated out breaths offer a sense of peace, stilling the body and mind. 

  • Your Posture Or Stance Is Not Straight

If you sit at a desk for a large part of the day, then you likely can relate to slumping over in your chair. Having a proper chair is an excellent start to straightening your alignment out, but another great way is to maintain a yoga routine. Yoga stretches our bodies in ways that other exercise can’t, and with regular stretching, you might just find yourself sitting up a bit taller. 

  • You Feel Unfocused And Unbalanced

Yoga is a great way to focus our energy within and leaves us feeling more balanced overall. By focusing your energy on physical asanas (poses), our mind becomes better equipped to handle any task that requires attention and focus. 

  • You Have Trouble With Your Emotions 

If you feel as though your emotions are getting away from you, you are upset over small things, you feel overly emotional, or are holding onto anger, yoga is a great way to cope with these emotions. It helps release built-up tension within the body and thus releases emotional stress along with it. 

If you find yourself on the opposite spectrum, where you hold onto your emotions and don’t express them to others, yoga can help you learn to express yourself more. Through yoga, we open up our bodies to new possibilities and stretch ourselves beyond what we believe we are capable of. If you can move past your comfort zone within yoga, you are also able to move past it within your emotions and how you express them to others. 

  • Your Body Is Stiff

Maybe you have slacked off with exercise, perhaps you have pushed yourself really hard in other ways, but your body just feels stiff and sore. Yoga is one of the gentlest forms of exercise to help ease the pain that can run through your body. By returning to a regular yoga routine, you will find that you can stretch your body even farther than before and won’t be feeling the consequences as much. 

The best way to know if you need yoga is to listen to your body when it is still whispering at you for help so that you don’t have to hear it scream.

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